Head Quarter

Senta Energy Co., Ltd is locate in Wuxi City, where is the biggest solar PV industrial base in China, we are occupied in design/procurement/ construction/maintenance of distributed on grid solar systems, off grid solar systems; Develop/design/produce/marketing of solar modules materials and equipment; Design/ procurement/construction/technical services of solar modules and solar cells production lines; Develop and design AIO architecture/house/applications with function of energy conservation and environment protection; Investment and financing services for factory’s solar systems; Meanwhile, We exploit overseas marketing, supply advanced solar production/equipment/materials and technical services. We also keep in cooperation with academies and research institutions to make our R&D team stronger.

Manufacturing Base

Senta Energy Co., Ltd is in Huishan District, Wuxi. Jiangsu, China. The workshop covers an area over 2500 square meters, with two sets auto solar module production line, specializing in small PV modules, supply high quality production for clients all over the world; highly efficient solar modules for domestic marketing. Our team has over ten years’ experience in technology and production experience. We integrate rich PV resources in local, we select high quality materials, and achieve advantage prices, guarantee delivery time and ensure the quality is qualified to satisfy clients’ all requirements. Our productions already passed CE/TUV/CQC/ISO certifications.

Overseas Base

Company in Canada

GMA Solar Inc. is the overseas solar panels manufacture base of Senta Energy, GMA Solar is in Montreal Canada, a leading manufacturer with 200MW Solar PV modules and 100MW solar cells produce capacity. GMA is the only and biggest Solar PV module manufacturing company in Quebec Canada, is proud of the full automated state-of-the-art manufacturing production lines and strong servicing systems; with the flexible production lines, can produce modules using four different technologies: Poly and Monocrystalline, Spherical silicon, CIGS and thin film amorphous ranging from 3W to 360W. GMA Solar already got TUV/UL/CSA/CE certifications.

GMA Solar cooperated with Senta Energy in solar renewable energy field deeply, as overseas solar module manufacturing base and EPC cooperation of Senta Energy, include but not limit in materials/equipment/modules/technical services; solar systems and power plants etc.

Company in Cyprus

3S Energy Ltd. is an innovation solar energy EPC and trading Company based in Nicosia, Cyprus. 3S Energy primarily serve solar farms for Utility, Commercial & Industrial, Residential, also do overseas business around Europe, Middle East, and Africa countries. 3S Energy strength lies in the technical expertise, highly skilled team and unwavering focus on quality.

3S Energy Ltd. was founded by experts with over 15 years experiences in solar industry, 3S Energy provides turnkey solar energy solutions of latest technology, through partnership with world's leading solar equipment manufacturers. Together with local technical team, deliver excellence to clients in teams of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. 3S Energy aim is to enable people to become part of Cyprus’s Solar and gain from the expansion of renewable energy usage.