Implementation cases of photovoltaic power station, energy storage system, offshore shelter, planting shelter, etc

Industry and commerce

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Changzhou Wujin Sage Forged 1600kW Industry and Commerce

Wuxi Binhu Yuanqing Power 366kW Industrial and Commercial

Suzhou Wuzhong Brude 850kW industrial plant

Wuxi Xishan Baoshen 444kW industrial plant                                    Wuxi Xishan Jiarun 200kW industrial plant

Changzhou Xinbei Diyejikai 1400kW Industry and Commerce

Wuxi Liangxi Intermediate People's Court 30kW commercial roof          200kW commercial roof of Changshu Town Building in Suzhou

85kW commercial roof of comprehensive building of Wuxi Binhu Metro Line 4