Implementation cases of photovoltaic power station, energy storage system, offshore shelter, planting shelter, etc

Distributed planting

  date of publication:2022-09-14  browse:519

【brief introduction】

With planting shelter as the carrier, combined with new energy photovoltaic power generation+energy storage, adopt soilless cultivation and planting mode, use the Internet of Things, big data, 5G and other emerging technologies to apply planting shelter to communities around the country, implement distributed planting, or use the "lease sharing" mode, make rational use of idle labor, build a "Shentai Smart Farming" platform, and achieve a real sense of "urban farm"

【project orientation】

Solve the idle labor force in the community, enrich the life and entertainment of community people,

Deepen the new application of urban farms, integrate into the wave of smart city construction,

Expand the new field of silver hair economy and achieve the big goal of "double carbon"

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