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Director Bao of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and his party were invited to visit our company

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On June 7, 2022, at the gracious invitation of General Manager Shen Xiaobo of Wuxi Shentai New Energy, Professor Tang Yuxin, Professor Bao Encai, Director of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Dr. Wu Xue came to inspect the hardware construction and plant growth of our company's smart planting shelter, and carried out a detailed discussion on the Shentai smart planting shelter project. At the meeting, the development prospect and related planting technologies of the planting shelter were discussed, After listening to the introduction of the general manager of Shentai New Energy, Director Bao Encai of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences gave a high appraisal of our shelter project. After the meeting, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences accompanied by General Manager Shen Xiaobo went to the shelter project site of Shentai Company for field investigation and guidance.

* The picture shows Director Bao guiding the work in the shelter

During the inspection, after General Manager Shen Xiaobo introduced the problems encountered during the cultivation of the shelter, Director Bao Encai and his colleagues answered the questions raised by our company one by one and pointed out relevant suggestions for improvement. Our employees listened carefully and recorded the improvement points in detail. For the above improvement points, our company also elaborated the next improvement plan, which was unanimously agreed by Director Bao Encai and his colleagues.

* The picture shows our technicians discussing planting related topics with the expert group

After visiting the project, our company and Director Bao Encai of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences agreed to cooperate on the preliminary production, teaching and research. With the opportunity of cooperation with the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, our company's smart shelter planting project will actively speed up the technology change and improve the planting parameters in the future development, and strive to bring mature products to the market soon!

* The picture shows our general manager Shen Xiaobo and experts

【Introduction to the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences】

Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive agricultural scientific research institution directly under the people of Jiangsu Province, formerly the Central Agricultural Experimental Institute founded by the people in 1931, and an agricultural scientific research institute established in accordance with the organizational structure of modern agricultural science and technology innovation in China. After the founding of New China, it went through the East China Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Branch of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and was renamed Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1977.

[1]  Bao Encai, Ph. D., is now the leader of the facility planting environment engineering and equipment innovation team, the president of the Internet of Things Industry Research Institute for facility agriculture, and the secretary general of the Smart Agriculture Branch of Jiangsu Rural Professional Technology Association, and the deputy secretary general of Jiangsu Agricultural Engineering Society.

[2]  Tang Yuxin, an associate researcher, is the head of the seeding team of the Facility and Equipment Research Office. He is mainly engaged in the research and development of technical specifications for the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the promotion and application of mechanization and standardization technologies for the whole process of facility vegetables.

[3]  Wu Xue, a postdoctoral fellow, is mainly engaged in the research on the interaction of electrolytic water, light quality and plants.

【About us】

Wuxi Shentai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Senta Energy) is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the domestic photovoltaic and solar energy industry base. With the mission of building an "ecological home, a smart home" and the vision of "being an ecosystem industry, let Shentai accompany you for life", we have built a well-known golden reputation of "reliability and efficiency come from Shentai"!

Committed to the design, procurement, construction and maintenance of new energy industry, distributed photovoltaic power generation system and off grid power generation system; R&D, design, production and sales of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic tiles, electrical equipment, components and raw materials; Lithium battery energy storage; Various new photovoltaic application products;

Committed to the new building industry, develop and design energy-saving, environment-friendly, intelligent integrated prefabricated buildings and their supporting materials, smart homes; Design, research and development of solar energy off island shelter;

Committed to new agricultural industry, research and development of distributed photovoltaic agriculture, distributed shelter planting, etc;

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Director Bao of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and his party were invited to visit our company

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