News! Distributed PV Station-Changshu 140.04kW Sucessfully Started

2019-04-04 12:01:44  Project News

In March 2019, SENTA successfully took the 140.04kW industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power station project of Changshu XINXIN after several on-site surveys in the early stage.

The construction of the project officially started on March 30 with the entry of components, supports, cranes and other materials.

This project USES astor high quality double glass components with aluminum frame to generate electricity on both sides, with higher efficiency and more benefits.

Thanks to the construction masters working day and night and hard work, the construction progress has been improved rapidly and the construction period has been shortened. The scene is very spectacular.





SENTA team look forward to the perfect completion of this project, looking forward to more opportunities for cooperation!